If something went wrong with your holiday you might be able to get compensation from the company you booked with.

Your legal rights depend on whether you went on a package holiday (a holiday with transport and accommodation included) or organised the holiday yourself

You’re legally entitled to compensation if:

  • the holiday you went on was lower in value than the one you booked, eg you paid for a deluxe room but only got a standard room - this is called ‘loss of value’ and you can claim back the difference in value

  • you had to spend extra money because of a problem with the holiday, eg you had to pay for another hotel because there were fewer beds than you booked - this is called claiming for ‘out-of-pocket expenses’

  • something goes wrong that causes you distress or disappointment, if the pool was closed for the whole trip - this is called ‘loss of enjoyment’


There’s no strict guidance on how much you can claim for loss of enjoyment. You’ll need to think of an amount that reflects the portion of the holiday that was affected.

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