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It is a legal assistance and consultancy portal born in the heart of Sicily which deals with assisting every traveler / tourist in case they suffer inconvenience or inefficiency from airlines, travel agencies or tour operators.

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Our Mission

Particular attention is given to the protection of air passengers who are more frequently forced to suffer delays, cancellations, denied boarding (overbooking) of their flight by airlines that fly over European or extra-European airspace, also dealing with compensation for damage from a ruined holiday and damage / loss of traveler / tourist luggage.

MovEasy also sets itself the ambitious goal of protecting and facilitating access to means of transport for the disabled and / or those who have special needs during their trip by offering them free legal advice and assistance.

MovEasy has also set up a special customer care for disabled travelers with the possibility for them to leave an opinion on the assistance services offered by airports and airlines.

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