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You are entitled to be compensated if:

- your flight has been delayed by more than 3 hours, has been canceled or you have been denied boarding making you arrive at your destination more than 3 hours late;
- you departed from a European or non-European airport but your destination and the company you traveled with were European.

- the flight delay or cancellation does not fall within exceptional circumstances, i.e. outside the responsibility of the air carrier.

The law identifies a series of circumstances defined as "exceptional" and considered to be beyond the sphere of responsibility of the air carrier. These are circumstances that cause a flight to be delayed or canceled. In these cases, the airline is not responsible for the damage suffered and therefore is not obliged to compensate its passengers. For example, a volcanic eruption, a terrorist act, strikes by airport assistants can constitute cases of situations where passengers are not entitled to monetary compensation.

The amount of compensation depends on factors such as the distance traveled by the flight and the duration of the delay.

You may receive:
• 250 € - if the distance traveled is less than 1500 km
• 400 € - if the distance traveled is between 1500 and 3500 km
• € 600 - if the distance traveled exceeds 3500 km from or to a non-European destination (there is the possibility that the total could be halved and therefore equal to € 300, if the duration of the delay was between 3 and 4 hours ).

In this case you are not entitled to any monetary compensation. However, you are entitled to free assistance at the airport such as: a meal bonus, refreshments, telephone calls, emails etc.

Yes, in this case you are always entitled to compensation. The airline remains responsible for delays or cancellations even if tickets were purchased through travel agents or third parties.

First of all, the fact of having submitted the complaint in person does not preclude the possibility of submitting a further request for compensation through us. It is essential to know that the European Court of Justice has decided that airlines are required to pay monetary compensation even in the event of technical breakdowns of the aircraft.

Yes, it is possible. In this case it is necessary to have the receipts of the goods or services purchased as proof. If you have incurred such expenses, you can include a refund request in the letter we will send to the airline.

In this case it is necessary to take legal action if the airline ignores the correspondence or illegally refuses to provide for the financial compensation. Legal fees will be fully covered by us. Passengers who decide to use the service do not require any advance payment or contribution for any legal costs and nothing is due in the event that the complaint is not successful. ONLY in the event of a win, a percentage of 25% is deducted from the refund paid by the air carrier.

EU regulation 261/2004 establishes that passengers can assert their rights either before the judge of the place of departure or, alternatively, before the judge of the place of arrival of the flight. Despite this, recently the case law also considers the consumer forum to be applicable with the enormous advantage of initiating legal action in the passenger's place of residence even if the airline has its registered office abroad.

The duration of the procedure may vary depending on the type of complaint. We try hard to do our best to close the proceedings as quickly as possible, usually within a few months. In some cases it may take 6 months or more than a year, depending on the time required for the inspection services to carry out the necessary research and / or any legal action to be taken.

The right to obtain monetary compensation provided for by European law for delay / cancellation or overbooking is subject to a period of forfeiture of 2 years which begins to run from the day of the flight. Therefore, within this period it is always possible to make a claim for compensation to the airline.

In this case it is possible to submit a request for compensation to the Tour operator which, according to the Tourism Code, is responsible for all inconveniences and inefficiencies caused to the tourist, even for those deriving from the behavior of the airline chosen by the Tour operator. However, the law does not exclude the possibility of contacting the airline exclusively, especially if you only complain about the delay or cancellation of the flight.

It is recommended that you file a complaint with the airline immediately, i.e. as soon as you have collected your baggage, using the P.I.R. directly at the airport or in any case within 7 days from the baggage delivery date or in case of delay within 21 days from the actual delivery date.

Yes, it is possible to obtain compensation for damage caused to the equipment or assistive devices which facilitate the disabled in his movements. In such cases, it is always advisable to keep all travel documentation and provide proof of damage to the equipment.

The airline cannot refuse the boarding of a passenger for reasons of disability, unless such refusal is justified by well documented safety reasons or the size of the aircraft does not allow the passenger to board (just think of those who have obesity problems). In case of refusal, the passenger has the right to a monetary compensation provided, as for all passengers, in the case of denied boarding, in addition to compensation for other damages suffered.

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